If I have learned anything in the past twelve years, it is that, for every tiny bit of information you learn about Bigfoot, there are hundreds of new questions to keep you busy searching.  If a person thinks they know everything there is to know about Bigfoot, they are a diluted fool who, in truth, has not learned a thing.  A person could live among a Bigfoot family unit for a decade and still would learn only a tiny fraction of the full story.

While certain activities, habits, vocalizations, etc, may happen with regularity around the globe, it still can only be deduced that these things are not performed by one hundred percent of all Bigfoot, one hundred percent of the time.  Bigfoot, like humans, apes, canines, felines, and all other manner of life form on this planet, are, while similar, different, one from another.  Each family, pack, tribe, pride, flock, herd, etc, reacts differently and each individual has its own personality, preferences, peeves, habits, compulsions, etc, and no two can be expected to react to the same stimuli in identical ways.  Each individual operates on its own internal instinct and experiences.

When a person has observed a particular activity or vocalization being performed by bigfoot, it is vital, first, to note the circumstances that led up to the observed activity, and then to remember when relaying that information to others, that, even if that activity was observed on multiple occasions, with multiple Bigfoot, it should be said, “SOME Bigfoot MAY react in this manner to this stimuli.”  If a person tells you that, “Bigfoot ALWAYS does this,” or “Bigfoot NEVER does that,” you should reserve yourself to the fact that this person is either speaking out of assumption or does not know what they are talking about.

Generalizations and assumptions based on the experience of ourselves or others do not aid us in our search.  Rather, they inhibit our ability to continue learning, causing us to neglect, dismiss, or overlook things that do not fit within the confines of what we THINK we know.

Chad Scott

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