Legend of Squatch Rock

In the Bigfoot wonderland of Oklahoma’s Arbuckle Mountains, there is a place the locals call Squatch Rock.  Squatch Rock is a large mass of travertine rock located near Travertine Island in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, Oklahoma.  But the rock gets its name from a face that appears on it.  Carved into the rock is the face of a Bigfoot.  The following is just the story as it has been relayed to me and, by no means, the last word on the subject.

Legend goes that the area around Squatch Rock, which forms a natural corral, was a place where a certain band of Indians kept their horses.   The Bigfoot did not appreciate them keeping the horses there as it was a sacred place to the Bigfoot.  The Indians continued to keep their horses there despite attempts by the Bigfoot to drive them out.  Unable to find any other way to get rid of the unwelcomed guests, the Bigfoot began killing the horses one at a time.

The Indians, not understanding the original warnings, could not comprehend why the Bigfoot had started attacking and killing the horses.  So they went to the Medicine Man to find out what they could do to make it stop.

The Medicine Man had an idea of how to end the attacks.  He went out to the site where they kept the horses.  That night, when the Bigfoot arrived to kill a horse, he began to chant and pray.  Using his Medicine, he cast the soul of the leader of the Bigfoot into the rock, killing him instantly.  The other Bigfoot fled in fear.  Then, the Medicine Man carved the face of the Bigfoot on the rock as a warning to the other Bigfoot to keep them from coming back.

According to the legend it still works today and the Bigfoot in the Arbuckles will still not come into the area around Squatch Rock.  However, if the story behind the face is true, the warning no longer stands.  The reason I say this is that there have been some interesting encounters for people in the Squatch Rock area.

For example, two fellow researchers and I went down to Squatch Rock one night to do some research.  We set up some camping chairs and started a fire.  On a nearby picnic table, we set up our recording equipment.  Later in the evening my ex-wife showed up, so we turned off the recording equipment so that we could all talk.  While she was there she took a few photographs of the three of us.  In some of the photos you can clearly see eye shine in the background, some of which is quite high off of the ground.

On another occasion, a fellow researcher and I set up our recording equipment at Squatch Rock.  We placed a parabolic dish with a microphone stand and a tape recorder on the picnic table.  The top of the picnic table was about three feet off the ground.  The microphone stand was set to about four feet in height.  Then the parabolic dish atop the microphone stand was about another foot in length.  Put that all together and the total height of the equipment was approximately eight feet.

My friend and I would go down every forty-five minutes and turn the tape over, or remove the tape and bring it up to the car to listen to it in the stereo.  On our third trip, which would be to remove tape number one and insert tape number two, we started listening to the tape.  On side two, about ten minutes into the recording, there was breathing on the tape.  It was loud and it was close.  Whatever had done the breathing, had leaned over the microphone, and breathed directly down into it.  I have to say, that recording is one of the few that has ever made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Chad Scott

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