Chad “Ghost Wolf” Scott

My name is Chad Scott, though most people call me Ghost, and I was born in the tiny town of Littlefield, Texas.  I was raised, for the most part, in west Texas but also spend a good portion of my childhood in Ohio and the woods, lakes, and big hills of McAlester, Oklahoma.  I now live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

My interest in Bigfoot was originally sparked by some Time Life books on unexplained mysteries that I read as a child, but I had researved myself to the idea that there was only one Bigfoot and it lived in California.  My true interest in Bigfoot, however, began with my first sighting in October of 1996.  I began researching Bigfoot not long after that.  Having been raised to learn the old Cherokee and Mississippi Choctaw ways of tracking, wilderness survival, and observation of nature, I find tracks and other physical signs to be the most interesting aspect of the Bigfoot mystery.  Personally, I would not like to see the mystery solved.  I believe that somethings are just best left unclassified, unsolved, and unbelievable.  Looking back, it is easy to say what my most exciting moment in research would be, but more important than any of that would be the friendships that I have forged while involved in this research.  If I could leave one piece of advice to those who come behind me it would be this: Don’t assume that everything you see, hear, find, discover, or experience is Bigfoot.  Rule everything else out first.  Let Bigfoot be your last resort as an answer for something you can’t explain.

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