Jim “Bear” Grant

Most in the BF community know me as Bear, but my real name is Jim Grant. I’m 50 years of age, single with one son, who is in college. I was raised as a country boy in Montgomery County, Mississippi. Now, I find myself spread out all over the South. I’m currently in the process of moving to west central Alabama. I have personally known of BF since 1966 when a “booger” was outside me and my brother’s bedroom window, making strange cooing and clucking sounds. This caused an interest till this stage in my life. I guess you could say this was before the “Patterson” film came out in 1968. After a few more run-ins with our hairy friend, in 1975, I decided to attempt to study and learn the habits of our elusive friend. I have been doing this off and on for almost 35 years, with the last 10 being of the more serious nature. The aspect I find most interesting is the diversity of this creature between ecosystems from all across the South, including Oklahoma and Texas. This has pointed out to me that there are various differences, as the ecology makes this hominid seem different from region to region, but it is basically the same animal. As far as this creature being “discovered,” I would never see the truth come to light, as whatever man touches, he inevitably destroys. This hominid has survived very well without our help. Looking back over the years, my fondest memories are the times before the Internet, spent with my mentor, my Grandfather, and his help discovering and exploring this amazing animal, without the expertise of ignorant armchair “experts.” If I could leave just one piece of advice it would be to research the so-called “experts/researchers” first, because there are more “snake-oil salesmen” then REAL go-getters. Need proof? Watch Monsterquest and other documentaries on the subject. Remember; One will never find BF sitting in front of a computer, criticizing the REAL people who go into the forest looking. One will never find BF by joining up with “snake-oil salesmen,” just a dwindling pocketbook and a loss of self-esteem by catering to their “Messiah’s” who are as ignorant as their followers. To find BF, one has to “get off the porch” instead of staying warm/cool in a home environment. If one wants to learn, there are people out there that will help, you just have to “find’ them.

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