Matt “Oklahoma Squatch” Knapp

My name is Matthew Knapp, also known as “OklahomaSquatch.” Some of you who may have done this for a while might remember me as “Cain Marko” in my early years. I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma half the time, and the other half was spent out in the country at our lake house in a town called Strang. I was raised by my great-grandparents, and the majority of my family were country folks and outdoorsmen. I was very fortunate to not only be raised in the convenience of a city, but spent as much time in the great outdoors learning skills passed down to me by my relatives.
I’m not really sure what got me interested in Bigfoot. I guess it was a mixture of my curiosity of the unknown, and my extreme interest in nature. I’ve always had a high interest in the two, so when I learned that there might be something out there that was a part of nature, but was still as unexplainable as ghosts and monsters, it was right up my alley. I remember watching reruns of “In Search Of” and getting an old tattered paperback book about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster at a garage sale when I was still just a young child. That was most likely the start of it all. I’ve been doing real research, both in and out of the field, for right around 10 years now. I can’t believe how fast the years have flown by. The thing that interests me the most about these creatures and the experiences I’ve had is that they are in fact out there, and have remained hidden for so long. People underestimate their abilities and intelligence a great deal. The mystery of what or who they are is what has kept me going. Unlike a lot of people I would like to see this “mystery” solved. I don’t consider myself “pro-kill” but I do consider myself “pro-specimen.” A lot of people have problems with that, and feel they should be left alone. I feel that an understanding and acceptance of these beings would open new doors on how we view ourselves and nature itself. The only way to accomplish this is by delivering the truth.
This journey has allowed me to gain a glimpse into a world most people will never see. I have met many interesting people, made a handful of good friends, and learned more about people than Bigfoot. My fondest memories are sitting around a campfire with absolute strangers, and knowing I was at home surrounded by family at the same time.
If I were fortunate enough to leave some sort of legacy or piece of advice behind for the Bigfoot community, it would be to shut up and listen. Pay attention to the details. Learn the truth for yourself instead of blindly following the loudest voices. I was a skeptic. I still am. I’ve always been scientifically and logically minded in any of my pursuits. I got out there and learned things for myself. Some of the most respected and listened to people in the field of Bigfoot haven’t seen nor accomplished one tenth of what I’ve been fortunate enough to observe. There are no experts in this field, and the learning never stops. There are only people who have seen these creatures, such as myself, and people who have not. In this field of study information comes from one of three sources; arrogance, ignorance, and truth. It is up to you to learn how to discern between the three, and decide for yourself which one you will listen to. And if you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong.
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