Vicki “Shasta” Fulcher

My name is Vicki Fulcher and known to many of you as Shasta. I was born and raised in north west Tennessee and lived there until 2001 when I came to Oklahoma. I grew up hearing the older folks scare us kids about the booger man if we didn’t behave. When asked who or what was the booger man we were told he was a big hairy monster that lived in the woods. Around the age of 15 a movie was showing at the local theater, The Legend Of Boggy Creek. I was amazed and very surprized to see my childhood monster could be real. Over the years I always made it a point to watch any tv documentaries on the subject or would check out the subject at my library. In 1999 I got my first computer and found there was actually average people that went out in search of this creature. I discovered many new friends and started my own pursuit of something that had always been located far, far away or so I thought.
Over the years there have been many aspects that interested me but I really came to enjoy setting out game cams and excitedly going over the developed photos. I still enjoy that but am now more interested in recordings. I do this because it is my hobby and I feel no need to prove anything to anyone, take it or leave it, believe it or not, throw it in the garbage, I am no scientist and I have no degrees so if thats what you’re looking for you’re looking in the wrong place.
I personally do not care to see the mystery solved. It has been my observation and opinion that whatever these beings are there is one thing they have learned to do quite well and that is their ability to adapt to their environment and circumstances. When man and government become involved and want to help and protect they create far more problems than answers and situations become far worse.
I have many fond memories over the years of doing this. My interest in bigfoot introduced me to many wonderful people. People I have shared many laughs and tense adventures with, people that became extended family,  those are my fondest memories. Bigfoot was here long before I ever came along and will continue to be here long after I am gone. To me he was just a tool that opened a new world to me, a world that involved interesting people.
If I had to leave any advise for anyone involved in this I guess it would be, learn things for yourself, use your own mind, carefully evaluate what people say to you and about you. Always be looking for hidden agendas. Let your observation skills be honed to a very fine point, they will serve you in good stead in the woods and out. Let trust be earned and wisdom be your guide.
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